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In PSO, every member's involvement is essential to the organization's success. The primary purpose of the Mentor/Mentee program is to provide every new member with a personal contact within PSO that is available to answer any questions or concerns the member may have. Other benefits of this program range from receiving quality advice about a career track from a more experienced student, to developing close friendships that last a lifetime.

Mentorship is a voluntary and rewarding way to get more involved within PSO, as well as an opportunity for self reflection. Becoming a mentor is worth 3 mini points. Every mentee will be assigned a mentor upon admission to the organization and is encouraged to use their mentor as a guide/resource for all things PSO related. Mentor/mentee pairs are permanent and exist for as long as the members remain in the organization.


Every mentor and mentee will fill out a detailed forum to gather basic information regarding academics, professional school plans, career goals, hobbies, and personality. People are paired based on common responses to strive for compatible pairs. Members are encouraged to regularly meet with their mentor/mentee to maintain a good relationship, and each meeting is worth 1 mini point for a max of 2 per semester.


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