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The healthcare industry is not defined by any one narrative; it is not restricted to one method, nor can it be narrowed down to a single career track. Healthcare is a complex network of stories woven by the countless individuals who comprise it. Every field of health has a part to play in the rest, and every prospective healthcare professional will one day come to realize this.


The Pre-Professional Service Organization is a prestigious student-run service organization that provides exceptional undergraduate pre-health students with a glimpse of this interconnected future. PSO uniquely caters to students of all pre-professional tracks, including but not limited to (pre-) medicine, physician assistant, nursing, veterinary medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and more. By fostering such a distinguished atmosphere of diversity and inclusivity in pre-health, PSO promotes the same connectivity found between healthcare fields. We offer members numerous professional development resources, volunteer opportunities, social events, and more. Every year, we participate in UF Relay for Life, which is our primary philanthropy.


PSO is comprised of highly driven students who demonstrate remarkable levels of academic achievement, humanitarianism, professionalism, and personal character. Members are selected from a competitive applicant pool on the basis of the aforementioned qualities. As a result, PSO has earned and maintained an excellent professional reputation within the Gainesville community, holding close ties with Shands Hospital, the V.A. Medical Center, and the University of Florida Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Physician Assistant and Veterinary Medicine. 


Our organization is a family, and the bond between all members lasts a lifetime. By providing career insight through numerous service, social, philanthropic, leadership, and professional development opportunities for its members, PSO cultivates future leaders of the healthcare industry.



GBM #1 will be in the HPNP Building 1/26/22 from 6:30-8:30PM. We cannot wait to see all of our members!




For the majority of our members, PSO is their "home organization". College can be overwhelming, but PSO provides resources, advice, and social support for every unique step of the way.


Current PSO members enjoy access to many former members, now graduate students or professionals, who are happy to offer advice, resources, and opportunities.


PSO offers a member-exclusive shadowing program to its students. For Fall 2020, the program will be completely virtual.


PSO members enjoy practical skills workshops, seminars, keynote speakers, student panels, and more in order to better prepare them for their careers as healthcare leaders.


PSO has a large collection of class resources, including study guides and other documents. Members receive discounted 

prep courses with The Princeton Review, and free practice exams.


PSO caters to all pre-health tracks, and we maintain personalization by organizing our meetings into phases. Everyone receives the individualized attention and guidance they need.


PSO prides itself on being a top contributor to UF Relay for Life every year. Our members are essential to this accomplishment.


PSO prioritizes personal wellbeing. We offer programs to promote integration and social interaction, such as Mentor-Mentee, and Partnership Dates.


As a service organization, PSO offers its members countless opportunities for volunteerism and involvement in the community.


A major portion of member dues and application fees are put right back into our member's pockets through our member-exclusive scholarship program.




Fall 2021 applications are now closed

Applications will open again in January 2022, follow our social media for future updates!

Admission to PSO requires the submission of a written application along with a payment of an application fee. Competitive applicants will be invited for an interview with the Board of Directors, and the most qualified interviewees will be offered a place within PSO.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions area for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Requirements

Although we focus on pre-health tracks, PSO is open to all UF students who pay a $10 application fee, complete the application process, and have a GPA of 3.25 or above. For first-semester freshmen who do not yet have a UF GPA, your high school GPA can be substituted.

Membership Requirements

To be considered an active member, you must pay $25 dues every semester ($15 for Fall 2020; see Covid-19 Modifications) and participate in a minimum of 2 service, 2 social, and 2 philanthropy events. Members must attend all 5 general body meetings, and are required to obtain volunteer hours (15/semester for new members, 30/semester for returning members). Relay for Life is also a mandatory event for our organization.

Covid-19 Modifications

For the Fall 2021 semester, PSO will be operating safely in person with masks accompanied by a zoom option. All interviews, meetings, and a majority of point events will be conducted in person with zoom options. Dues have been reduced to $20, and application fees have been reduced to $15.

What makes a competitive applicant?

We are seeking students who share PSO's mission and are familiar with what we do and offer. Competitive applicants will demonstrate a strong commitment to service and promote the wellbeing of their community. Desired qualities, expressed through personal essays, include volunteerism, teamwork, integrity, leadership, academic excellence, respect, and cultural competence. Applicants should be creative and genuine in their essays; the prompts are purposely vague. We want to know YOU. We have no preference for writing style or format, but applicants should spend time on their essays to ensure they are compelling and free from error. Students in a pre-professional track (i.e. pre-med, pre-vet, pre-dental, etc.) are prioritized, but we will consider all qualifying applicants. No preference is given towards major. We do not consider applicants on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin. All students are welcome within PSO.

How do I know if PSO is right for me?

PSO, above all else, is a service organization. Our members regularly engage in activities that benefit their communities, both healthcare related and non-related. PSO is an inclusive organization that fosters diversity and interconnectivity between health professions. You will interact with students following other pre-professional tracks as well as your own, which gives you a first look at the collaborativity existing in healthcare. We maintain a highly supportive environment; our members are always more than willing to share advice, resources, and positivity. We cater to the following tracks ("phases"): pre-medicine, pre-PA, pre-vet, pre-dental, pre-PT, pre-OT, pre-nursing, and pre-health. During general body meetings, we break out into "phase" meetings where members will meet with other students on the same path. Members are guided by an experienced student and will learn important information about their professional track (i.e. how to be a competitive applicant, which exams are required, shadowing and research opportunities, job insight, etc). PSO provides a host of resources to ensure that you are fully prepared for professional school and subsequent career. If you are a pre-professional student committed to serving others and spreading positivity, and want to become the best version of yourself and strongest applicant you can be, then PSO is your future family!

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